You can rent kayaks, SUP’s and the fun Hobie Eclipse right from our store near the Channel and the English Village. See rates below (some seasonal and holiday adjustments may apply) and to make a reservation, just give us a call at 928-680-9257. We’re the Hobie dealer for Lake Havasu, and maintain the only full fleet of Hobie kayaks as rental options. Worried about upper body strength to paddle, or concerned about stability or getting wet? None of that is a problem with one of our pedal-drive, very stable rental kayaks from the Hobie Mirage line. All of our kayaks are easy to propel through the water and are very safe. Call us for more info, or stop by our store at 159 Paseo del Sol, near the English Village and London Bridge Rd.

Just park at our store and we’ll take you and the kayak(s) to Rotary Park, Mesquite Bay, or other nearby launch spots for you to enjoy a full day on the water.  At a preset time, we’ll come get you there, or another location – we have several trips you can choose from to enjoy on your schedule.


Rent an easy-to-paddle single-person Hobie kayak.  Day-long rentals start at $49 per person.


Rent a sleek and fast Hobie paddle kayak for two.  Day-long rentals start at $49 per person.


Rent the fantastic, upgraded kayak using your legs to pedal  instead of arms to paddle – the Hobie Mirage single.  Day-long rentals start at $75 per person.


Rent this deluxe Hobie Mirage pedal kayak for two and explore miles of Lake Havasu with ease.  Day-long rentals start at $75 per person.


Rent the unique, light and fun pedal-driven stand-up board.  No SUP experience necessary!  Short-term rentals available by the hour – call for details!

Renting a kayak from us is super-easy as access to the water is less than 1/4 mile away.  You can rent our kayaks at the store and take it to enjoy elsewhere, such as a campground on the lake further out of town where it is less crowded.  All you need is solid safe way to transport it, such as a truck, trailer or cartop carrier.  Or we can take you and your crew wherever you want to go for at a reasonable cost, with or without a guide.  Learn more about some popular destinations for our kayaks below:

Lake Havasu State Park is within paddling/pedaling distance – no transport needed!

Cattail Cove State Park is just a short drive down Highway 95 and very relaxing destination

The crown jewel in the area is a lazy kayak float down Topock Gorge

Pay our city neighbor to the South – Parker – for a different kayaking experience

Explore the wonderful Bill William Refuge Area for a fun kayak day trip