Welcome to our Lake Havasu store, where a world of kayaking possibilities awaits you. We're proud to showcase a diverse array of kayaks, each catering to different preferences. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a novice, our team is here to guide you through the options and ensure you find the perfect fit for your water adventures.


Plastic or Inflatable: Choosing the Right Hull

Selecting between plastic and inflatable kayaks involves considering factors like transportation and storage. If portability is key and you're looking to avoid car roof racks or trailers, inflatables might be your ideal choice. For those prioritizing durability and performance, plastic kayaks are a solid option. While inflatables have significantly improved in strength, they still can't match the resilience of plastic. Plastic kayaks generally provide better tracking while inflatables are favored by those in RV living, apartments, or seeking lightweight options.


Sit-In or Sit-On-Top: The Comfort Factor

The classic sit-in style offers a lower center of gravity, making it more stable once seated. However, re-entering a sit-in kayak can be challenging, and managing water ingress requires extra effort. Sit-ins are better suited for fast currents and long-distance paddling. On the other hand, sit-on-top kayaks provide open cockpits and easy access to dry storage. These are popular among anglers due to their higher seating and increased stability when moving around. Sit-on-tops are ideal for those who prioritize cargo space and ease of entry.


Tandem or Two Singles: Deciding Together

Couples and friends often contemplate between tandem and two single kayaks. Tandems are cost-effective and offer better performance with two paddlers, but they require synchronized strokes. Singles provide travel flexibility and more cargo room, but come at a higher cost and can be more cumbersome to transport. Your decision hinges on your travel plans and paddling dynamics.


Pedal or Paddle: Propulsion Preference

Pedal-driven kayaks, pioneered by Hobie, offer a hands-free experience, making them an angler's dream. The leg-powered motion is efficient and enables easier control through integrated rudders. Traditional paddle-propulsion kayaks are budget-friendly and come in both sit-in and sit-on-top styles. They excel in shallow waters and are adaptable for different conditions. Pedal kayaks excel for anglers, allowing them to focus on casting without worrying about paddling.

At our Lake Havasu store, we're dedicated to helping you navigate the world of kayaking options. Our experienced team is here to ensure you make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your water adventure aspirations. Come on down and let us guide you toward the perfect kayak for your journey!