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VESL Explorer Touring Paulownia Wood 12'0 Paddle Board Almond - Glossy


Designed for smooth paddling on flat water, whether you're embarking on a short, leisurely trip or a long-distance adventure, the VESL Touring displacement hull effortlessly slices through the water, akin to a precision instrument. Yet, the board's generous width ensures stability, minimizing the worry of toppling over while maintaining impressive speed.

This versatile board is well-suited for extended journeys, accommodating both day trips and overnight excursions, courtesy of its thickness and deck leash plugs. Equipped with four nose leash plugs, you can securely fasten all your essential gear, ensuring a hassle-free experience on the water. This board's shape is meticulously engineered to optimize flat water glide and tracking, enhancing your overall paddling performance.

In the VESL paulownia / bamboo series, a remarkable fusion of lightweight design, enhanced strength, and eco-conscious materials has been achieved. Crafted using real paulownia / bamboo wood veneers, these boards harness one of the most renewable resources on the planet, promising years of reliable performance and endless fun. Choosing VESL paddle boards not only elevates your paddling experience but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to outdoor adventures.

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