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Riot Mako 10 Sit-On-Top Pedal Fishing Kayak


Riot Kayaks has been around for awhile with a wide range of kayak models, but this model really caught our eye a couple of years ago and has proven to be a good seller for us. All of the benefits of pedal drive without the big price tag! Sure there's a reason these models are half the price of the more expensive Hobie kayak models we sell, but those reasons may not be critical to you, and that's all that counts.

We find the boat to be comfortable in the seat, very stable while standing, and easy to propel and track through the water. The drive is a propeller model, and the advantages include ease of motion at startup speeds and instant reverse. For a view of the pros and cons of the Riot models compared to the Hobies. (Note -there has been a tariff-caused price increase since this video was created.)

At about 10' long, it is easy to store and transport, but stable enough to stand up in. The 12' model is a bit smoother in the water in our opinion, but we sell as many 10' models as 12' ones.

Crew: 1
Length: 10' 4"
Width: 36"
Capacity: 470 lbs
Fitted Hull Weight: 67 lbs
Fully Rigged Weight: 82 lbs

We have several Riot models to check out on our showroom floor, or give us a call at 480-348-8917 to discuss why we are so excited to offer this to the kayaking community - locally and nationwide! We also have a full range of kayak and kayak fishing accessories on hand.  We sell in-store and online from the same inventory pool, and try to keep the online availability up to date, but sometimes there's a delay - just give us a call to make sure we have the color you want on hand.

We can ship this model anywhere in the lower 48 via our freight carrier from around $200 depending on your location (see shipping zones below). The shipping rates you'll see at checkout assume sending to the closest terminal for our carrier Estes Freight. Shipping direct to a residence is doable but can increase the cost by $100. Further, it's safer if you pick it up at the terminal as it removes the last driver and transfer from the potential damage equation. We bundle our shipped boats better than anyone, but the fewer transfers the less likely there is of damage. Go to to find the closest terminal, or call us to discuss delivery point options.

Each state is assigned a shipping zone, as follows:

Shipping Zone 1 comprises the states nearby to us in Arizona in the southwest US - CA/NV/AZ/UT/CO/NM/TX/OK (typical cost $199 - $249)
Shipping Zone 2 includes the northwest and middle of the US - WA/OR/ID/ND/SD/NE/KS/MN/IA/MO/AR/LA/WI/IL/MI/IN/OH/KY/TN/MS/AL/GA (typical cost $239 - $329)
Shipping Zone 3 is for all the rest - mostly eastern states with a couple of outliers in the west - MT/WY/FL/SC/NC/VA/WV/MD/DC/DE/PA/NJ/NY/CT/RI/MA/VT/NH/ME (typical cost $249 - $399)

Your exact cost for this model can be seen by selecting your zone from the drop-down list above.

Currently we do not collect sales tax on shipments to destinations outside of AZ.

We've been selling and renting kayaks for many years and we've found the Mako 10 to be quick in the water, stable for casting while standing, and available at an attractive price point.

Mako 10 fishing kayak

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