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Point 65 Martini Solo Sit In Kayak


Don't have a pickup truck or trailer?  Don't feel like struggling with car-topping your kayak?  Our line of kayaks for sale from Point 65, an innovative Swedish brand, might be just the thing you're looking for.  Our inflatable kayaks are hard to beat for their ease in transportation or storage, but plastic kayaks tend to perform a little better on the water and require less care.  With our Point 65 line of modular kayaks, no car-topping or trailers required, but you can enjoy all the performance and storage room benefit of rigid plastics.

We sell several different Point 65 models, including this sharp-looking Martini model, available in this single or also a tandem for two paddlers.  Linked together by Point 65's unique ratchet system and water-tight operator cockpits, the 2 sections of the single model come apart and are easily stored and transported.  Each section is 4-5 feet long and any given section only weighs 25-35 pounds depending on model.  The specific for this model include:

Length: 9'4"
Width: 28"
Weight: 59#
Carrying capacity: 265#
Modular section sizes: 2 of 66" x 29.5" x 15"

The Martini's sharp-reacting rudder system eases the demands of staying straight while paddling.  There is good storage room, and you'll be comfortable in a much better than average seat.  All in all, a great way to get out on the water!  Available in our stores or we can ship anywhere in the Lower 48 - select your shipping zone from the dropdown above to see shipping cost impact - usually around $200 for a solo-paddler kayak with its 2 main pieces.

If your needs are better suited for a sit-on-top style, check out this Point 65 Tequila solo model we have for sale.

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