We compare the truck bed extenders from Harbor Freight and Boonedox

A key consideration for anyone buying a new kayak from us in Lake Havasu or Tempe is determining how best to transport it from your home or storage unit to the water. Options include a trailer, cartopping, or perhaps the simplest means – in the bed of a pickup truck. The latter is more difficult these days as most trucks today have shorter beds, and there are regulations against items sticking too far out the back. A solution for many is to add a tail gate or bed extender to your truck.

We suggest extenders from Harbor Freight for a low-cost but effective option, but there is also a much lighter, sleeker and more functional model from Boonedox that is worth consideration at a higher price. Check out the video below where we compare and contrast the two so you can evaluate which style best meets your needs. We usually have them both in stock, so stop by anytime at our kayaks sales and rental center, right here on Lake Havasu at he English Village.