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Bote Board Drift Inflatable SUP Package


Bote Board is based out of Florida, so pretty hard to come by at retail stores out West, but we have several of their models on hand or coming in soon.  This one is from their Drift series -well-priced without sacrificing stability or performance in an inflatable model style.

The Drift is a great choice for paddlers with beginner to intermediate skills - you'll feel safe and stable on the water, without having to work too hard to keep it moving fast and straight.

This 10'8" SUP model is rated for up to 250 pounds (paddlers on these should be under 200 pounds).
The board weighs only 19 pounds.

The 11'6"model weighs only 22 pounds and carries up to 315 pounds.
The "Classic" design has Bote renowned wood-panel-look up front, with a base of gray and turquoise.  The "Native" design is orange up front.  
The Drift package includes the SUP board, paddle, leash, stabilizing fins, pump, bungee cord cargo system and a backpack-style carry bag - everything you need to get out on the water!

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