A Walk-Thru Video for our Safe and Fun Pedal Rental Kayaks

There are several places in Lake Havasu one can rent a kayak, but we’re the only ones with the remarkable Hobie kayaks with their world-famous pedal-drive system, called the “Mirage Drive”.  Unlike the Walmart-style kayaks available at other rental centers, our Hobie kayaks are high-end, comfortable watercraft that are much easier to operate, require no paddling skills, and allow you to explore more of Lake Havasu during your rental.  Yet our rental rates are no higher than the other guys.

This video shows how the simple, but powerful pedal drive and rudder systems work for you while out on the kayak – propel through the water with your legs; steer with a simple handle right by the comfortable and adjustable mesh chair with adjustable heights and lumbar support.

Come visit us at our kayaks sales and rental center near the English Village in Lake Havasu at 159 Paseo del Sol for your next kayaking adventure, or call in for a reservation today at 928-680-9257!